Full Scholarship

Informal education for Palestine.

The Living Summer School (LSS) stands against the ongoing, unjust and unlawful violence against Palestinians. We believe education is one of the most important means to build sustainable peace across all conflict areas in the world. As an Erasmus+ project, we welcome knowledge sharing between all European based communities, to support all types of education initiatives in vulnerable geographies.

As such, we are looking to involve a panellist with experience in informal education in Palestine, or within the Palestinian diaspora in Europe. The panellists will share insights on their experience, and can meet other European practitioners and researchers to expand their network and knowledge. 


In addition to the eligibility criteria mentioned above, the applicants are required to be involved in organising or participating in informal education initiatives in Palestine or within the European Palestinian diaspora. The panellists must be travelling from Europe. Unfortunately the summer school is not in a position to provide applicants with Visas to travel to Europe.

Costs & Expenses:

In addition to the financial aid that applies to all panellists, recipients of the scholarship will have full coverage of their transport fees, and one extra night in a hotel.


In addition to the calender for the general panel sessions, receipients of the scholarship are invited to join us in Kortrijk one day earlier to spend the day with us across the different sites.

Arrival in Kortrijk: 3 september 2024

Application Requirements:

In addition to all the specifications above, Scholarship recipients are requested to mention that they are applying for the scholarship in the application form. A short motivation letter is required of max. 250 is also requested.