Living Makeshifts

SHIFTING the way we MAKE space

10 days - September 2023
30 participants

Every year we create an informal learning experience for a diverse group of youth exploring different aspects of territorial innovation. The third edition to be held in September 2023 will explore emerging building processes. 

Since the industrial revolution, our cities have been expanding exponentially. In 2018 alone, 4.2 % of European land cover was lost to construction: that’s an average of one basketball court per resident.

In light of the imminent dangers that this poses to the planet, the European Commission has declared a "zero net artificialization" policy for 2050. This means that new development projects will be limited to available built-up areas. This will be a radical shift from the expansionist urbanisation of the last century. Failing to meet this objective will accelerate the current climate crisis and also make us less resilient to the change it will bring about.

We need to shift the way we make space by using what is readily available.

This is not an easy task. The production of space involves many actors from different sectors with varying expertise, imperatives and visions of the future. During 10 days, we will try to deconstruct hardwired common-practices to investigate more sustainable, emergent life cycles for our buildings, from design to build, maintenance and deconstruction.

Participants will receive lectures and site visits by inspiring designers and leaders from across Europe. They will explore ideas and get hands-on experience in making scale 1 interventions with local partners. Together, we will discover new approaches to the production and construction of space. We will occupy different building sites across the territory and test methods in constructing, maintaining and deconstructing the spaces that surround us. 


Not only is the experience free, but all participants will receive financial aid in their travel expenses from their country of residency to Kortrijk. Housing and food are included, as well as a bike rental for the week. See the experience page for more information.


Participants need to be under 30 at the start of the Summer School and be legal residents in France, the Netherlands, Italy, or Belgium.

Participants can be students or professionals and come from any field of study. We strongly believe that the planning and transformation of our territories should be an inclusive and multidisciplinary process that transcends existing professional boundaries and constraints. We warmly invite students and professionals from various fields, including architecture, urban planning, design, real estate, graphic design, political studies, geography, history, art, and more, to actively participate in this transformative experience. 

Sites & Partners

Participants will be divided into three teams. Each team will work alongside experienced builders and brief partners to plan and build a 1:1 prototype for their site. 

A concrete brief will be handed to students, along with a series of lectures from the brief partners. 

Media Van

Brief Partner: Bolwerk

Outdoor Seating

Brief Partners: Heerlijkheid van Heule and Poer.

Adventure Construction Playground

Brief Partners: Wildebras

2022 - 2023 Calendar

- 15 April 2023: Registration open for 30 participants
- 15 June 2023: Registration closed
- 30June 2023: Notification of acceptance of participants

- Summer School: From September 2nd to September 9th 2023. 

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