Brief Partners

Welzijn13: a regional association which coordinates many initiatives around displacement and social emargination, they pioneer different approaches to address rough sleeping and to give more opportunities to marginalised individuals and families.

LZSB: a cargo-bike based collective which creates green interventions to bind communities together, they address socio-ecological integration with a spontaneous approach.

Schouwburg Theatre: the local theatre company which in the recent years has proposed many creative and artistic interventions that challenge the status-quo of social cohesion on the territory.

Cnockaert: an architecture studio which build De Knock, a social housing project revolving around an historical moat.

De Stuyverij: a social incubator promoting inclusive enterprises and projects focussed on community building.

Hangar K: Kortrijk’s incubator, supporting creativity and innovation in the city and region, with the Start@K project, a partnership with local universities and NGOs they support young innovators.

Landmarck: the old factory site of Van Marcke, now being turned into a creative hotspot hosting fairs, exhibitions and events.

Durf2030:the municipal initiative promoting the election of Kortrijk as the European capital of culture in 2030, their goal is to support and promote 2030 creative and artistic projects in the city.

Designregio Kortrijk: the organisation managing all projects related to the UNESCO creative city label of recognition, they support many projects, from commercial to artistic to support designers and creatives.

IDEWE: a national company that provides prevention of work injuries and rehabilitation, they are working on GO GREEN ROUTES, a project that wants to provide nature-based solutions to workers to address a multiplicity of issues.

Eurometropolis: a cross-border organisation that encourages cooperation in the triangle of Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai. This area has always been historically linked through its waterways, so Eurometropolis is also the initiator of the projects Carré Bleu and Blue park, for the natural preservation of the habitat.

Transfo: an old power station and industrial site which was turned into a leisure and tourism location, hosting different events throughout the year and offering cultural entertainment. They were also part of the festival Contrei live, hosting one of the permanent installations that followed the project.

Texture Museum: Kortrijk’s largest museum entirely dedicated to the processing of flax and linen, a very important part of the local heritage and history.

Green Leaf Projects: a cargo bike shop, promoting local sustainable mobility through different interventions and crazy bikes.

Wildernis: an island accessible only to children to make with natural materials and learn in the wild with minimal adult intervention, it is part of the adventure playground network.

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